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Ah, relocation of your office can be an exciting event. It can also be challenging when you realize that your current office set up won’t work in the new space. Now what?

Before you panic, take a breath and look at this as an opportunity to change the look and feel of your workspace and the workspace of your colleagues or employees. An opportunity to change it for the better with updated colors, décor, floor plans and more.

Coordinating your design needs with your company needs can be overwhelming, but if you bring our team in as a partner in this new challenge, you will have a professional and experienced team of space planners and designers focused on making sure your goals are met and you stay within budget.

What You Can Expect

Determine your office space needs.

We’ll have a conversation about your company, your goals, and your needs. For instance, these are just a few questions we’ll be asking:

  • Is your company large, small, or in between?
  • How many employee work stations do you currently have? Will you need more because you plan to add more employees?
  • Will you be needing conference rooms, drafting tables, multiple copy stations, training rooms or a kitchen in the break room?
  • How will your company be changing as it moves to a new office space? Adding a receptionist area? Removing a receptionist area? Visitors allowed to walk through some spaces?
  • Will you be wanting space that allows for team collaboration?
  • How many supervisors? How many managers? Who needs a private office and who doesn’t? 

We should have this conversation as soon as you have confirmation that your office will be relocating. You’ll be talking us as your space planner, upper management, and employees to discover how a new design can improve not only your work environment but the business as a whole.

Pick your paint

Sounds simple enough, but paint is a key part of office design. After we’ve had our meetings to determine the purposes of the space, then we can move to colors that encourage and help the space to serve you well.

Certain paints have a glossy finish and can actually reflect light rather than absorb it. This increases the likelihood of eye strain in the workplace and will cause employees a great deal of discomfort. Softer, neutral colors tend to work best because they absorb light, but we’ll help you choose a shade that accentuates the assets of your office.

Choose carpet to enhance your design

In addition to noise reduction, insulation, and comfort, carpet brings an extra dash of color and style to any area. Carpet tiles can be used to separate and define the space into specific areas, while commercial low piles are great for high traffic areas. Area rugs can help soften a workspace or add excitement.

We can help you decide which type of carpet will work best for the workspace we’re planning.

Let in some light

Lighting should get the job done, reduce eye strain, and highlight the best features of your space. We won’t let you neglect this essential design element for brightening up a dim office or providing a comfortable workspace for your employees.

There are many options available for different uses, some of which include money-saving/energy-saving options that directly affect your budget.

Add window treatments

Window coverings can do a lot to enhance your office design. Deciding which ones will be used is an important element in the office planning and design arena.

  • Should you use blinds for an internal office?
  • Sheer drapes on the large, industrial windows of an open space?
  • Solar screens that adjust the blinds to the amount of sunlight coming in, letting in the optimum amount of light for the workspace.
  • Cellular pleated shades are another popular option. Unlike typical blinds they are partially transparent, allowing light in evenly whereas opaque blinds can be distracting.

Again, there many options that we will review and recommend for the best outcome of your workspace.

Furnish your space

Select desks, chairs, and accessories with ergonomic features for comfort. Don’t forget shelves and other storage units. With all the affordable office furniture options available, there’s no excuse for ugly design. Attractive wood finishes turn even the most utilitarian cabinet into more than just a place to stuff your briefcase.

Office furniture and office systems are important factors in the space planning and design phase. We’re experienced with this and can recommend furniture and systems that will help you optimize your workspace and increase productivity.

The smaller details

Umbrella stands, coat racks, and other essentials serve a functional purpose but can also enhance your office design. We won’t forget plants to soften corners and add a touch of green.

Designing an office is a complex process with a rewarding outcome. You’ll be glad you put the thought into making your workspace more enjoyable for everyone from employees to visiting clients. And you’ll be glad to have us as partners. With our experience and your company knowledge, the end result will be a winner for you and your company.


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